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Abstract #0584

Metabolic Imaging with Hyperpolarized 13C and Multi-echo, Single-shot RARE

Mnsson S, Leupold J, Wieben O, In't Zandt R, Magnusson P, Johansson E, Petersson J
Malm University Hospital

Chemical shift imaging (CSI) is traditionally used to create images with both spectral and spatial information. Long scan time and a large number of RF excitations make CSI less suited for metabolic imaging of hyperpolarized substances. In this work, a fast multi-echo RARE sequence was implemented and used for acquisition of metabolic maps after injection of hyperpolarized 13C in a pig. For comparison, a CSI dataset was acquired as well. The scan times of the sequences were 0.6 s and 24 s, respectively. Despite the big difference in acquisition strategy, the distribution of metabolites were found similar with both sequences.