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Abstract #0589

Polarization Transfer for sensitivity-enhanced spectroscopy using a single RF transmit-channel on (clinical) MR systems

Kentgens A, Klomp D, Heerschap A
Radboud University Nijmegen

Polarization transfer techniques are commonly used to enhance sensitivity and improve localization in multi-nuclear MR spectroscopy. Clinical MR scanners are in general not equipped with a second transmit RF channel making conventional polarization transfer techniques like Distortionless Enhanced Polarization Transfer (DEPT) impossible. Here we present that DEPT with sequential pulses (DEPT-SP) can be used on a single transmit channel with the same sensitivity and bandwidth performance. Validated by simulations, phantom and in vivo measurements at 3T, we show that polarization transfer methods can be implemented for in vivo MRS without the need for an additional RF transmit channel.