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Abstract #0593

Simultaneous Observation of Lungs and Brain to enhance Versatility of 129Xe Washout Curve Analysis in Mouse Brain

Fujiwara H, Masutani T, Narazaki M, Kimura A, Imai H, Wakayama T
Osaka University

129Xe washout curve analysis in brain is improved methodologically by simultaneously observing lungs and brain to remove the effect of lung parameters and by simplifying the formulation of the effect of rf pulses which is destructive to the residual HP magnetization. Thus, 129Xe apparent relaxation time in mouse brain has become determined in each mouse without citation of standard values for lung parameters. This method will be useful for the detection of changes in the net (not apparent) relaxation time and cerebral blood flow when any stimulus, which is known to affect only one of these two, is given.