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Abstract #0610

The Predictive Value of Diffuse Tensor Imaging and Tractography in Determining Neurological Status and Outcome in Patients with Brainstem and Posterior Fossa Tumors

Lui Y, Law M, Babb J, Tuvia K, Johnson G
NYU Medical Center

Do DTI findings correlate with clinical findings in patients with posterior fossa tumors? Of 29 patients with posterior fossa tumors who had MRI with DTI, 3 had bilateral weakness, 6 had unilateral weakness, 17 had no weakness, 4 had no exam. Patients with diminished/disrupted left-sided motor tractography were more likely to have right-sided weakness than subjects with normal left-sided tractography. MD and Elong in the pyramidal tracts and FA in the medial lemniscus/central tegmental tracts were predictive of progression. There is an association between diminution/disruption of left-sided motor tractography and right-sided weakness. Several DTI metrics are predictive of progression.