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Abstract #0616

Early disturbance and subsequent reorganization of neuronal connectivity as studied with manganese-enhanced MRI after stroke in rats

Wu O, Dijkhuizen R, van der Toorn A, van der Zijden J
University Medical Center Utrecht, Massachussetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School

Loss of function and subsequent spontaneous recovery after stroke have been associated with structural alterations of neuronal circuitry in the brain. In this study, restoration of function is correlated with temporal changes in neuronal connections after stroke in rats as studies with manganese-enhanced MRI. Loss of manganese enhancement, suggestive of disturbed connectivity in the sensorimotor network at 2 weeks after stroke was paralleled by severe loss of function. Subsequent recovery of function may be associated with restored ipsilateral connectivity and increased transhemispheric connectivity as indicated by increased manganese distribution at chronic stages after stroke.