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Abstract #0617

Serial Triple Quantum Sodium MRI During Non-Human Primate Focal Brain Ischemia

Jungreis C, Tanase C, Boada F, LaVerde G, Nemoto E
Temple University

Triple quantum sodium MRI techniques have been demonstrated in vivo in a non-human primate model of focal brain ischemia. TQ sodium MRI hyperintensity was demonstrated in the ischemic hemisphere relative to the contralateral hemisphere as early as 34 minutes after the onset of ischemia. The TQ sodium MRI hyperintensity corresponded to the anatomical location of the ischemic cortex as indicated by the registration of the TQ image data with anatomical proton MR image data. We believe that the TQ sodium MRI hyperintensity in the ischemic hemisphere is a result of the increase in the intracellular sodium concentration that occurs in ischemia.