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Abstract #0623

MRI Detection of White Matter Remodeling after Neural Progenitor Cell Treatment of Stroke

Jiang Q, Zhang Z, Ding G, Silver B, Li L, Wang L, Meng H, Pourabdollah Nejad D. S, Hu J, Bagher-Ebadian H, Ewing J, Arbab A
Henry Ford Health System

We investigated the effects of neural progenitor cell (NPC) treatment of stroke in rat. We found that MRI can detect white matter reorganization after NPC treatment of stroke. White matter reorganization after NPC treatment of stroke is dominantly located in the extended area of corpus callosum in striatum. FA differentiated white matter reorganized brain tissue from other ischemic damaged tissues. T1, T2, and T1sat provide complementary information to characterize status of ischemic tissue with and without brain remodeling. Of these MRI methods, DTI related parameters appear to be the most useful to identify the location of white matter reorganization.