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Abstract #0649

Qualitative and quantitative estimation of high risk atherosclerotic plaques in WHHL animals with Gadofluorine M enhanced MRI at 3T

Ittrich H, Weber C, Misselwitz B, Priest A, Nielsen T, Schaeffter T, Adam G, Weinmann H
University Hospital Hamburg Eppendorf

Atherosclerotic plaque imaging in MRI at 3T with low dose Gadofluorine M (Schering AG, previous studies:100mol/kg) using 3D InversionRecovery-TurboFLASH sequences and quantitative assessment of the contrast agent uptake using T1 relaxation measurements was performed in hyperlipidemic rabbits (WHHL) compared to normal controls (NZW). Gadofluorine-enhanced MRI improves detection of early atherosclerotic plaques down to 25mol/kg injection dose (p<0.05). Look-Locker sequence allows a quantitative determination of R1 of the aortic wall, which showed a linear correlation to injection dose (R=0.9924). This techniques hold promise for detection of initial stages, longitudinal evaluation of plaque progression and monitoring of pharmaceutical therapy in clinical practise.