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Abstract #0648

Contrast-enhanced MRI at 3T of experimental atherosclerotic lesions using QIR-FSE and DTPA(Gd)

Ronald J, Hegele R, Rutt B, Zhang J, Hamilton A, Rogers K
Robarts Research Institute, University of Western Ontario

Contrast-enhanced MRI of atherosclerotic lesions using DTPA(Gd) is useful for improved detection of diseased vessel wall in humans. However, similar results in a non-balloon injured animal model with a pulse sequence optimized for accurate quantitative analysis of enhancement has not been achieved. Here we report on work focused on using a quadruple inversion recovery fast-spin-echo sequence (QIR-FSE) at 3T for creating a robust system capable of assessing vessel wall enhancement and agent wash-in and wash-out kinetics in a cholesterol-fed, non-balloon injured rabbit model following conventional DTPA(Gd) and novel Gd-based agent administration.