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Abstract #0655

Incidence of AHA Type 4/5 Atherosclerotic Plaque and Outcome in Patients with Suspected Acute TIA/Stroke: A Prospective, Observational MRI Study Using Novel 3D Turbo Spin Echo, Continuously Variable Flip Angle, Double Inversion Recovery Technique

Baskurt E, Parmar J, Mugler J
University of Virginia Health System

Introduction:The AHA type 4 atherosclerotic plaque is considered to be presymptomatic but vulnerable. We sought to identify the incidence of this plaque type in clinically suspected stroke patients being imaged by hospital MRI.Methods:Prospective, observational design study using 3D fast spin echo, double inversion recovery, variable flip angle MR imaging, clinical imaging and clinical chart review.Results: Infrequent association of type 4 plaques to cerebral ischemia and a frequent association with stenosis were observed. Fair interobserver agreement found.Conclusion: AHA model of disease is supported by MRI and chart review.