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Abstract #0675

Absolute quantification of cerebral blood flow in normal volunteers: Dynamic susceptibility contrast MRI compared with Xe-133-SPECT

Wirestam R, Knutsson L, Sthlberg F, Larsson E, Brjesson S, Risberg J, Passant U, Gustafsson L
Department of Medical Radiation Physics

Reproducible absolute quantification of cerebral blood flow (CBF) is desirable, for example, in therapy monitoring, in the assessment of ischemic threshold levels in acute ischemic stroke and when a global reduction of CBF can be expected as, for example, in patients with dementia. In this study, a comparison between CBF estimates from dynamic susceptibility contrast (DSC) MRI and Xe-133-SPECT was performed in 20 healthy volunteers. The correlation between CBF estimates obtained by DSC-MRI and Xe-133-SPECT was quite reasonable (r=0.76) and if proportionality between the DSC-MRI-based and SPECT-based CBF results is assumed, i.e. CBF(MRI)=k&[middot]CBF(SPECT), the present data indicates that k=2.16.