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Abstract #0682

Tracking recruitment of fibroblasts to ovarian carcinoma tumors by MRI

Granot D, Neeman M
Weizmann Institute of Science

Fibroblasts, as critical components of tumor microenvironment, are vital contributors to tumor progression. With the motivation of studying their biology in tumor angiogenesis, we labeled fibroblasts in-vitro with biotin-BSA-GdDTPA contrast material (CM) to monitor their in-vivo recruitment to ovarian carcinoma tumors. R1 measurements confirmed visibility of pre-labeled fibroblasts and demonstrated their recruitment to tumors after subcutaneous as well as intraperitoneal administration. Increased CM visibility with cell proliferation was detected in-vitro and in-vivo. These studies demonstrate the feasibility for tracking fibroblast recruitment into the tumor stroma by MRI, and would enable determination of the biological contribution of these cells.