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Abstract #0683

Internalization of annexin A5-USPIOs by apoptotic cells

Bomans P, Frederik P, Duimel H, Nicolay K, van Tilborg G, Strijkers G, Reutelingsperger C
University of Maastricht

AnnexinA5-USPIOs enable the detection of apoptosis with MRI. The protein annexinA5 was recently shown to be internalized by cells that are co-exposed to apoptotic stimuli. In this study we show that annexinA5-USPIOs are also internalized by cells that are coexposed to an apoptotic stimulus. The particles were localized to distinct intracellular vesicles. This finding has importantconsequences for the optimal detection of apoptosis since homogeneously distributed particles induce shorter T2 and T2* relaxation times compared to clustered particles.