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Abstract #0773

The somatotopic organization of thalamocortical projection fibers through the centrum semiovale

Matsushima S, Nishimura T, Ito H, Yamada K, Kubota T, Akazawa K, Oouchi H, Kizu O
Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine

The sensory tract trajectory towards the cerebral cortex has not been previously thoroughly investigated. By using diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) based tractography, we elucidated the course of the sensory tract through the supratentorial brain. Seven healthy normal volunteers underwent MR scanning using a 1.5 Tesla imager. All the sensory tracts had a posterior rotation as they traveled through the centrum semiovale towards the cortex. When the pair of tracts was viewed as a unit, the sensorimotor tracts of the lower extremity formed the axis of rotation around which the other parts of the pyramidal and sensory homunculus turned.