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Abstract #0791

32-Channel Non-Angulated Cine Cardiac Volumes - Automatic Reformatting

Johnson R, Noble N, Muthurangu V, Boubertakh R, Razavi R, Hill D, Hedge S, Boernert P, Winkelmann R
King's College London

Traditional evaluations of cardiac function typically require: scan-planning, two-chamber, four-chamber and short axis acquisitions. This work used a 32-channel coil array in conjunction with SENSE to acquire cine non-angulated volumes of the heart in a single breath-hold. These volumes are isotropic and can thus be reformatted in any orientation - removing the need for multiple acquisitions. We removed the need for manual planning by automatically identifying the short axis and two- and four-chamber orientations via registration to a cadaver atlas. Our technique is quick and all of the view planes identified were deemed clinically acceptable