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Abstract #0792

Self-Gated Cine MRI for Clinical Wall Motion Abnormality Studies

Simonetti O, Wu E, Carr J, Larson A, Chalasani P, Sandman D, Crowe M
Ohio State University

Electrocardiogram (ECG)-gating uses an R-wave trigger to synchronize segmented cine data acquisition to the cardiac cycle. ECG gating has been known to have some disadvantages. Self-gating (SG) techniques have been described which potentially eliminate the need for external physiological signal monitoring. SG cine has recently shown to provide equivalent image quality to ECG gated cine in a limited sample of healthy volunteers and patients. However, the SG synchronization signal is largely dependent upon cardiac tissue motion and blood flow and therefore further clinical validation of the SG technique in wall motion abnormality was necessary. The purpose of this study was to assess such clinical effectiveness.