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Abstract #0793

Automatic Assessment of Left Ventricular Contraction Synchronicity in Cine MRI Studies

Ordas S, Tobon-Gomez C, Moure C, Huguet M, Frangi A
Computational Imaging Laboratory, Pompeu Fabra University

In this work we present a processing pipeline for automatic global and regional cardiac function analysis employing all available images of a routinely acquired cine CMRI study. The study was tailored to seek for new parameters that could enhance current recommendations for the Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (CRT), an emerging technique that attempts to restore contractile coordination in dyssynchronous hearts, to those patients most likely to benefit from it. Cine CMRI studies combined with automatic 3D functional analysis, allows to calculate currently assessed dyssynchrony indexes, in an accurate and reproducible way, within the time of a routine examination. Moreover, together with the haemodynamic evaluation of the whole cardiac cycle and contraction patterns, all within the same automatic analysis, the presented methodology provides a compact framework for fast and accurate information providing, aiming to improve CRT planning and candidate recruiting.