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Abstract #0799

Confounding effects of volatile anesthesia on CBV assessment in rodent forebrain following acute alcohol challenge: a study of isoflurane and halothane anesthesia

Luo F, Li Z, Ferris C, Treistman S, Kim Y

The present study is the first to use phMRI to evaluate ethanol-induced changes in brain activity in animals. As a first step in this line of investigation, it was critical to characterize the responsiveness of the anesthetized and conscious animal to an acute dose of EtOH. CBV response to EtOH under isoflurane, halothane anesthesia and awake condition were examined. Both isoflurane and halothane produced a heterogeneous perfusion background with region specific suppression in cortex. This confounds faithful representation of brain responses to acute EtOH challenge. Animal in fully conscious preparation is warranted for further EtOH imaging studies.