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Abstract #0807

4D Time-resolved angiography with CENTRA Keyhole (4D-TRAK) and SENSE using a total acceleration factor of 60 as compared with catheter angiography in patients with cerebral arteriovenous malformations at 3.0T

Hadizadeh D, Gieseke J, Urbach H, Hoogeveen R, von Falkenhausen M, Meyer B, Schild H, Willinek W
University of Bonn

Contrast enhanced 4D time-resolved MR angiography with CENTRA Keyhole (4D TRAK) and parallel imaging (SENSE) was performed at 3.0 Tesla in 10 patients with cerebral arteriovenous malformations (cAVM) and compared with DSA. A total acceleration of 6 (Keyhole) x 8 (SENSE) x 1.25 (half Fourier) = 60 was achieved yielding a temporal resolution of 608 msec./dynamic. In 10/10 patients, 4D TRAK allowed for reliable classification of cAVM according to Spetzler and Martin matched with DSA.