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Abstract #0808

Whole-Brain 3D Contrast-Enhanced MR Venography with Robust 4 to 8-Fold 2D-SENSE and Sub-mm Spatial Resolution in Approximately 60 Seconds

Hu H, Haider C, Kruger D, Huston III J, Campeau N, Riederer S
Mayo Clinic College of Medicine

3D contrast-enhanced MR venography (CE-MRV) requires an imaging volume that encompasses the full anterior/posterior and right/left extent of the brain. 3D CE-MRV also requires sub-millimeter resolution for accurate visualization of the intracranial venous system. The long acquisition time of CE-MRV is an ideal candidate for 2D-Sensitivity Encoding (SENSE). In this work, we hypothesize that with an eight-element head coil, 4-8x 2D-SENSE can be reliably achieved with robust reconstructions at the 1.5T field. In 14 volunteers, 2D-SENSE-acquired images (0.8x0.8x1.0 mm3) show no reconstruction artifacts, exhibit excellent visualization of the large dural sinuses and cerebral veins, and maintain adequate SNR for diagnosis.