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Abstract #0824

Use of Cerebral Blood Volume as a Potential Surrogate Marker of Vascular Normalization in 9L Gliosarcoma Tumor

Darpolor M, Wu F, Schmainda K
Marquette University

Antiangiogenic treatment provides a transitory period of vascular normalization that is suitable for drug delivery to tumor microenvironment, which may improve the efficiency of chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Immunohistochemistry, anti-CD31, showed some regression in vessel size after dexamethasone therapy as possible indication of vascular normalization. However, non-invasive imaging techniques are in great need to delineate vascular normalization in brain tumors. Cerebral blood volume measure from dynamic susceptibility contrast magnetic resonance imaging (DSC-MRI) is a potential surrogate marker to characterize the normalization of tumor vasculatures during antiangiogenic therapy.