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Abstract #0864

MR Grid-Tagging Using Hyperpolarized Helium-3 for Quantitative Assessment of Regional Pulmonary Biomechanics

Zhong X, Cai J, Altes T, Mugler III J, Brookeman J, Miller W, de Lange E, Mata J
University of Virginia

The purpose of this study was to develop a MR grid-tagging sequence for hyperpolarized He-3 (hp He-3) and to evaluate its ability to quantify human lung biomechanics. Six healthy subjects underwent MR imaging at inspiration and expiration after inhalation of 150-400cc hp He-3. Displacement, first and second principal strains (E1 and E2), and regional ventilation were determined. MR images show clearly defined grid tag lines at both inspiration and expiration. Lung displacement, E1, E2, and ventilation are generally homogenous throughout the lungs. These preliminary results demonstrate the feasibility of quantitative assessment of regional pulmonary mechanics using this technique.