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Abstract #0865

Helium-3 phase-contrast velocimetry on a human airway model for validation of computational fluid dynamic simulation

Matre X, Vial L, de Rochefort L, Fodil R, Louis B, Thiriet M, Isabey D, Sbirlea-Apiou G, Caillibotte G, Bittoun J, Durand E
U2R2M, UMR 8081, CNRS, Universit Paris-Sud

A dedicated MR sequence combining phase contrast and radial imaging was applied on hyperpolarized helium-3 to map velocity on gas. The three velocity components could be measured with good temporal and spatial resolutions (1 s, 1.5 mm for in-plane resolution in a 1 cm thick slice) on physiologically relevant phantoms: a curved pipe and an airway tree reconstructed from CT-scans thoracic images. The technique was first evaluated quantitatively and computational fluid dynamic simulations on a patient-specific geometry could then be validated by the MR experiments.