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Abstract #0868

Simultaneous measurements of Regional Alveolar Oxygen Pressure, Oxygen Depletion Rate and Apparent Diffusion Coefficient by Hyperpolarized 3He MRI

Yu J, Gefter W, Ishii M, Kadlecek S, Rajaei S, MacDuffie Woodburn J, Emami K, Hammond F, Vahdat V, Rizi R, Lipson D, Clark T, Cheatham L
University of Pennsylvania

Regional alveolar partial pressures of oxygen and regional oxygen depletion rates are important parameters describing lung function, while the apparent diffusion coefficient gives valuable insight into the lung's microstructure. Here we present a new nonlinear fitting technique for simultaneously measuring all of these parameters. This represents to the best of our knowledge the first example of the direct and simultaneous correlation of regional oxygen measurements to lung structure.