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Abstract #0897

Temporal Analysis of the BOLD response using high temporal resolution Echo Volumar Imaging

Ciuciu P, Le Bihan D, Rabrait C, Poupon C, Lethimmonier F
Commissariat l'Energie Atomique

We describe the first fMRI results obtained with a new acquisition method : zoomed 2D parallel Echo Volumar Imaging. It allows high scanning rates (200ms/volume) and gives a higher SNR than EPI. Robust activation detection is demonstrated both in block and event-related paradigms, with high statistical thresholds. Then, an unsupervised statistical analysis with no predetermined hrf analytic model is performed and the estimated single-trial hemodynamic response function shows a good shape and a putative early dip. With the high temporal resolution reached, this method is a well adapted device to investigate the temporal features of the BOLD signal.