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Abstract #0903

Quantitation of Cellular and Biochemical Alterations in Hereditary Ataxias by 1H MRS at 4 Tesla

Iltis I, Hutter D, Gomez C, Oz G
University of Minnesota

Neurochemical profiles of the vermis, cerebellar white matter and pons of healthy volunteers (N=10) and patients with spinocerebellar ataxias (SCA2 and SCA6, N=4 in each group) were obtained by ultrashort-echo STEAM spectroscopy and LCModel. Concentrations of 9-12 metabolites were measured reliably and corrected for atrophy. Major alterations in the profile indicating processes such as neuron loss, gliosis and reduced glucose utilization were observed in all three volumes-of-interest. The pattern of involvement of the three regions agreed well with the known pathology of these two ataxia types.