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Abstract #0912

Shear-wave scatter contrast enhancement in steady-state MR elastography

Braun J, Gedat E, Hamhaber U, Sack I, Klatt D, Rump J, Papazoglou S
Institute of Medical Informatics

In MR elastography (MRE) shear wave images are acquired to test non-invasively the mechanics of soft tissue. Here, a method is proposed for analyzing minor amplitude changes of shear waves in steady-state MRE wave images. As result, a new image contrast is obtained that displays anatomical structures due to externally applied motion. We ascribe the new contrast to differences in the mechanical impedance in heterogeneous tissue causing a scattering of shear waves. The new shear-wave scatter contrast enhancement (SCE) is applied to in vivo MRE of the human brain and the liver.