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Abstract #0935

Development of a VBM Protocol for Assessing Regional Gray and White Matter Brain Changes in a Canine Model of Aging

Head E, Tapp P, Head K, Milgram N, Su M, Nalcioglu O, Muggenburg B
University of California

VBM was performed on 62 scans to assess regional brain changes in a canine model of human aging. Standard dog brain templates and probability maps were created from 192 scans. In males and females, GM atrophy was greatest in the frontal and temporal lobes, respectively. In WM, atrophy was largest in the optic nerve bundle and alveus of the hippocampus for males and females, respectively. Consistent with earlier manual planimetry, frontal lobe atrophy was observed in aging dogs. Moreover, age-related atrophy was more widespread than initially reported and varied among males and females using VBM procedures.