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Abstract #0941

MRI Changes in CBF, Diffusion and T2 after seizures induced by GluR5 agonist infusion in rat before 180 mins.

Banerjee M, Munasinghe J, Acosta M, Heffer A, Yamaguchi S, Rogawski M, Silva A, Koretsky A, Theodore W
National Institutes of Health

Glutamate receptor activation may evoke epileptogenesis and structural derangements. ATPA, KA and AMPA, activating varied receptor subtypes, were infused intra amygdalar (i.a) and i.v. in rats; seizures lasted 60 minutes. Arterial spin labeling, a 7T, 72/ 25 mm volume/surface rf coil ensemble generated axial slice CBF, T2 and ADC maps. Amygdalar infusion produced widespread brain activation. Saline had no effect. i.v. animals showed rapid global increases, particularly neocortical. Drug T2 and ADC effects possibly were limited to limbic regions due to relatively short seizure duration. MRI evidence of potential cytotoxic injury can occur after one hour of seizure activity.