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Abstract #0946

MRI Assessment of A-iron complex in PS/APP mouse Brain

Lee S, Falangola M, Nixon R, Duff K, Helpern J, Lu H, Jensen J
University of Kansas Medical Center

The presence of iron in A plaques in PS/APP transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer pathology has been suggested to be a significant factor responsible for reducing T2 and the source of the intrinsic MRI contrast of A plaques seen in these animals. In this study, we investigated the relationship between areas of MR signal hypo-intensities, Magnetic Field Correlation and the presence A-iron complex (Perls stain and anti-ferritin immunochemistry). We showed that ferritin-iron contained in the A plaque is the source of MRI contrast responsible for reduction of T2 and increase of MFC values in the brain of this mouse model.