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Abstract #0945

In vivo study of the development of hippocampal subregions by high-resolution diffusion weighted imaging

Chen H, Hsu Y, Chang C, Chu W
Institute of Biomedical Engineering, National Yang-Ming University, Functional and Micro-MRI Center, Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Academia Sinica

The presented study was aimed to non-invasively and in vivo image the hippocampal subregions by using high-resolution diffusion weighted imaging (DWI). Further, the ADC measurements belong to three different diffusion directions were applied to quantitatively evaluate the morphogenesis of neuronal cell bodies and dendrites in hippocampus during early postnatal stages. The development of an in vivo detection tool to monitor detailed structural changes in hippocampus can provide a new insight into the pathogenesis in hippocampal subregions.