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Abstract #0973

Fluid-attenuated T1&[rho] of the Human Brain In Vivo

Moonis G, Borthakur A, Spece L, Melhem E, Clark C, Trojanowski J, Lee V, Reddy R
University of Pennsylvania

A fluid-attenuated T1&[rho] MRI pulse sequence was developed and utilized to measure T1&[rho] in the brain of an Alzheimers disease (AD) patient and two age-matched healthy volunteers. T1&[rho] maps were generated from fluid-attenuated and non-attenuated T1&[rho] sequences and compared on the same individuals. Average T1&[rho] from the fluid-attenuated map (918ms) were significantly (p<0.01) lower from the non-attenuated T1&[rho] maps (847ms) in regions containing CSF in the AD patient but insignificantly different in the healthy volunteers brains. The new pulse sequence will be employed to obtain T1&[rho] maps from more AD patients and age-matched controls.