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Abstract #0974

Changes in Brain Tissue Distribution and T2 Relaxation Time in Early Onset Type-1 Diabetes

Wellard R, Rankin D, Boyce D, Pell G, Jackson G, Werther G, Northam E
Brain Research Isntitute

The biological correlates of subtle neuropsychological deficits observed in early-onset diabetes are not well understood. MR techniques allow examination of disease related morphological changes. We aimed to use volume based analysis of structural images and T2 relaxation time measurements to compare brains from a cohort of type-1 diabetics 13-15 years after diagnosis with a matched control group. Diabetes and years of disease were associated with region-specific grey (medial frontal gyrus, thalamus), white matter (inferior temporal gyrus) and T2 relaxation changes (superior temporal gyrus and lentiform nucleus). The results indicate structures associated with the neuropsychological deficits observed in diabetes.