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Abstract #0975

Mouse Brain Iron Distribution: Histochemical and Quantitative MRI (7T) Assessment

Falangola M, Lee S, Jensen J, Lu H, Nixon R, Helpern J, Duff K
New York University School of Medicine, Nathan Kline Institute

Recently, we have developed a new MR technique called Magnetic Field Correlation (MFC) Imaging for measuring microscopic magnetic field inhomogeneities, such as those generated by iron-rich cells. MFC it is not influenced by molecular relaxation mechanisms. In this study, we investigated the relationship between quantitative MFC, R2, R2* and R2 values and iron distribution in normal mouse brain at 7Tesla. Our data suggest that MFC imaging provides a distinct MR measure and can be a potentially useful tool for assessing brain iron and the role of brain iron disruption in the pathogenesis of many neurodegenerative diseases.