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Abstract #1016

Dynamic Monitoring of the Rat Uterus Using 3D Automatic Segmentation

Eyal E, Galun M, Basri R, Furman-Haran E, Akselrod-Ballin A, Brandt A, Degani H, Milstein D, Gunanathan C
Weizmann Institute of Science

The uterus is a classical target organ of estrogen and its endocrine activity is mediated by the estrogen receptor. We demonstrate MR protocols to monitor the uterus in vivo coupled to a novel 3D multi-channel multiscale automatic segmentation algorithm, inspired by algebraic multigrid methods (AMG), and a latter refinement by morphological operator. The segmentation was applied to rapidly delineate the uterus structure and separate uterine endometrial and myometrial tissues. It was further employed to analyze dynamic MRI experiments of a novel contrast agent that binds specifically to the estrogen receptor and enhances the endometrial tissue in a specific manner.