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Abstract #1017

A Knowledge-Guided Active Model Method of Cortical Structure Segmentation on Pediatric MR images

Shan Z, Parra C, Ji Q, Jain J, Reddick W
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

A knowledge-guided active model (KAM) method was developed with a novel object function similar to the Gibbs free energy. Ten cortical structures were segmented by KAM. The average volumetric agreement between KAM and manually defined structures (0.97) was higher than the volumetric agreement for SPM2 (0.90). The similarity measurements (kappa) between KAM and manually defined structures (0.95) were significantly higher (P 0.001) than those for SPM2 (0.86). KAM can potentially be used to segment cortical structures for conformal radiation therapy planning and for quantitative evaluation of changes in disease or abnormality.