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Abstract #1032

Simulations of Motion-Insensitive Diffusion Imaging Based on the Distant Dipolar Field

Cai C, Sun H, Chen Z, Cai S, Zhong J, Lin T
Xiamen University

Diffusion-weighted (DW) MRI is commonly achieved with the use of pulsed-gradient spin-echo (PGSE) method. However, images acquired by this method often exhibit ghosts because of samples macroscopic motion. These motion artifacts can be mostly eliminated by using the distant dipolar field (DDF) method, which relies on the refocusing of spatially modulated transverse magnetization by the DDF within the sample itself. In this report, DW images using both DDF and PGSE method were simulated. The results demonstrate that with the equivalent diffusion weighting, DW-DDF images are much less sensitive to the macroscopic sample motion, thus having fewer motion artifacts than traditional DW-PGSE images.