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Abstract #1031

Quantitative correlation-time diffusion MRI of the brain: in vivo measurements and comparison to conventional echoplanar diffusion MRI

Sakai O, Liu B, Jara H
Boston Medical Center

Diffusion imaging using a mixed turbo spin echo sequence and correlation-time diffusion mapping technique was compared to conventional single shot spin echo echoplanar diffusion imaging. Based on Bloembergen-Purcell-Pound relaxation theory, diffusion maps were calculated as a function of coregistered proton density and T1 maps to reduce effects of non-diffusional motion and artifacts. Diffusion imaging was performed in phantoms and 12 human subjects, showing a strong global correlation between both techniques of diffusion coefficient mapping. However, compared to conventional PFG-encoded SS-SE-EPI diffusion maps, correlation-time diffusion mapping demonstrated better image quality and a higher gray-white matter contrast.