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Abstract #1040

Rapid Diffusion-Weighted Thermometry (DWT) using 3D singleshot Stimulated EPI

Todd N, Parker D, Jeong E, Kim S
University of Utah

Molecular diffusivity in MRI is usually measured using conventional 2D singleshot diffusion weighted-EPI. This method is limited because of strong distortions that occur at tissue/air or tissue/bone interfaces. A new pulse sequence, 3D singleshot DW stimulated echo planar imaging (3D ss-DWSTEPI) has been developed to overcome this problem. We present a preliminary study in which 3D ss-DWSTEPI is applied to the diffusion method of temperature measurement. Initial results are promising, as 3D ss-DWSTEPI is a rapid imaging technique, it is almost free from motion and susceptibility artifacts, and measured diffusion coefficients at different temperatures correlate well to previously measured values.