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Abstract #1041

Diffusion Spectrum Imaging Using Body-Center-Cubic Sampling Scheme

Chiang W, Kuo L, Perng M, Tseng W, Wedeen V
National Tsing Hua University

In order to shorten the data acquisition time of diffusion spectrum imaging (DSI) [1], a new homogeneous sampling scheme in q-space is proposed that the body-center cubic (BCC) sampling lattice, which was previously experimented in CT or MRI [2], is used instead of the Cartesian one. For spherical band-limited 3D signal, BCC sampling lattice is one of the most efficient sampling schemes, and the sampling efficiency of BCC is 30% higher than the conventional Cartesian one [2]. Because there are similar features in the diffusion spectrum of DSI, using BCC sampling scheme may reduce sampling number up to 30% theoretically, which means 30% reduction of data acquisition time. Once the q-space data of BCC lattice is acquired, probability density function (PDF) is reconstructed directly by BCC inverse discrete Fourier transform (IDFT) without interpolation. In addition, BCC sampling method saves data storage volume for 30% as well.