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Abstract #1052

Ghost-Free Spin-Echo Echo Planar Imaging Method for Diffusion Weighted Images using Adaptive RF Pulses

Han Y, Hwang J, Chung J, Park H
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Single-shot spin-echo echo planar imaging (SE-EPI) has become the dominant method for performing diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) because it is fast and less sensitive to motion compared to other methods. Although the SE-DW-EPI provides images with less motion-related artifacts, it has its innate problems such as low spatial resolution, shape distortions, and N/2 ghosts. We used adaptive RF selection pulses that are applied in the phase encoding direction to excite alternate halves of the FOV. Each half of the field of view (FOV) is acquired separately and concatenated in the image domain. Thus, we can acquire ghost-free DW-EPI images.