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Abstract #1057

In Vivo Diffusion Tensor Imaging of Rat Brain Acquired with a 3T Clinical MRI System and a High Strength Insert Gradient Coil

Mayer D, Adalsteinsson E, Rutt B, Zahr N, Sullivan E, Pfefferbaum A
Stanford University

We developed in vivo echo-planar diffusion tensor imaging with isotropic resolution (0.5mm) to examine white matter microstructure of the rat brain on a human 3T scanner equipped with a high-strength insert gradient coil. Diffusion-weighting in 6 noncollinear directions with the same 6 directions in opposite polarity compensated for diffusion effects of imaging gradients. Fractional anisotropy (FA) images acquired in 46-92min revealed white matter structures and primary fiber orientations. Mean FA in the corpus callosum genu was 52.2%8.8SD and 34.05.0SD in the anterior commissure. Clinical scanners with insert gradients enable application of similar pulse sequences and field strength in translational research.