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Abstract #1056

PROPELLER EPI with Reversed Gradient Method for High Resolution DTI at 3.0T without Field-map Correction

Chen C, Chung H, Chang H, Chuang T, Huang T, Wang F, Kwong K
Tri-Service General Hospital

We propose a modified reversed gradient method (RG) to reduce image blurring for PROPELLER EPI acquisition, which is compatible with parallel imaging, to generate high-resolution DTI without the need for field map correction. Our RG-corrected PROPELLER EPI images acquired near the skull base exhibited much less blurring than those without RG correction. The RG is computationally economic, therefore does not increase image reconstruction time substantially, and it also corrects EPI distortions arising from eddy current effects. The RG is an effective approach for high-resolution diffusion tensor imaging with PROPELLER EPI acquisition using large matrix size at high fields.