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Abstract #1055

High resolution DTI of Localized volume, using 3D singleshot STimulated EPI

Kim S, Parker D, Kholmovski E, Jeong E
University of Utah

This work reports on a novel 3D singleshot diffusion MRI technique, which completes the acquisition of the total k-space of a limited 3D volume after a single diffusion-preparation. As a stimulated echo technique, the DW longitudinal magnetization undergoes T1 rather than T2 decay. Reduced volume excitation techniques are used to limit the imaging volume, reduce the time required to acquire each complete plane of k-space and thereby reduce both T2* decay during the k-space plane and T1 decay along the slice-encoding direction. Images obtained with 3D ss-IMIV-STEPI have been free of severe susceptibility and motion artifacts. The technique should be useful for high-resolution 3D DTI of limited volumes of interest.