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Abstract #1110

Brain activation induced by acupoint stimulation in the Yin meridian: fMRI study

Li G, Y Tang A, Jing G, Yang E
The University of Hong Kong

In Chinese medical thinking, Yin meridians do not pass through the brain leading to the belief that their stimulation would not yield brain activation. Yet, pericardium meridian, a Yin meridian, and brain functions constitute a functional unit. We postulate that stimulation of PE 6 in the pericardium meridian would induce brain activation. 14 normal right-handed male subjects were studied using fMRI with manual acupuncture and electrical acupuncture, respectively. We observed brain activation following stimulation of PE 6 in the superior temporal gyrus and superior longitudinal fasciculus bilaterally as well as in the medial area of the frontal gyrus.