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Abstract #1126

Functional properties of the posterior cingulate cortex and the posterior insula: Characterization using basic types of coherent and incoherent motion stimuli

Dechent P, Baudewig J, Paulus W, Antal A, Holz P
MR-Research in Neurology and Psychiatry, Medical Faculty, Georg-August-University

Many neuroimaging studies have investigated visual motion processing in the human brain. However, some of the areas involved are only poorly characterized. Therefore, we used fMRI and simple visual motion patterns to describe the properties of the posterior cingulate gyrus and the posterior insula. All motion stimuli resulted in bilateral activation of the target areas. However, coherent motion induced stronger activation in those regions compared to incoherent motion. Considering the literature, the present findings suggest that the posterior cingulate gyrus and the posterior insula serve multiple functions, one of which is the processing of basic visual motion information.