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Abstract #1149

Cortical Activation Volume During a Bilateral Motor Task in Multiple Sclerosis Patient: A Study of the Effect of Subject Motion and Task Performance

Lowe M, Horenstein C, Stone L, Marie R, Bedekar D, Bhattacharyya P, Dzemidzic M, Phillips M
The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

During performance of a bilateral complex finger tapping paradigm, the number of significantly activated voxels occurring in the sensory and motor regions were calculated for multiple sclerosis patients (MS) and controls. When all subjects were analyzed, there was no difference in the volume of cortical activation between subject groups. However, when subjects displaying significant motion-related artifact were excluded from the analysis, the control subjects had significantly more activation than MS patients. Furthermore, when both groups were stratified according to task performance, the poor performing controls had a similar activation volume in comparison to MS patients.