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Abstract #1150

Strength and Onset of Basal Ganglia Activation in Parkinson’s Disease Patients and Healthy Subjects During Different Movement Conditions

Windischberger C, Cunnington R, Hoheisel B, Deecke L, Moser E
Medical University of Vienna, Medical University of Vienna

PD patients on standard medication and age-matched healthy controls were examined while performing finger movements according to (1) a predictable cue, (2) an unpredictable cue and (3) self-initiated. Increased activation during unpredictable and self-initiated finger movements compared to movements performed according to a predictable cue was found in the Putamen of PD patients, but not in the control group. During self-initiated movements activation in the left Caudate occurred significantly later in PD patients than in controls. Differences in activation onsets and strengths between conditions indicate altered movement strategies in PD patients compared to the healthy control group.