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Abstract #1155

Effects of 0.25MAC Sevoflurane on Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging - In-Vivo Study of Normal Human Subjects and Implications to Data Interpretation

Qiu M, Ramani R, Constable R
Yale University School of Medicine

Quantification fMRI uses BOLD and CBF mapping to obtain relative changes in oxidative metabolism (cerebral metabolic rate for O2, CMRO2). This approach is needed to investigate the functionally related activity in the presence of different levels of baseline activity induced by anesthetic agents. However, it is not clear in these models how this empirical relationship between flow and function is affected by anesthetics. This work presents results demonstrating altered coupling of rCBF, BOLD and CMRO2 in the presence of visual and auditory stimuli during anesthesia with 0.25 MAC sevoflurane using simultaneous BOLD and CBF fMRI techniques.