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Abstract #1178

Manganese-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance In Vivo Imaging of Rat Myocardium Using FLASH: Comparative Study of Contrast at 2.35T and 7T

Bruvold M, Jynge P, Pavlin T, Brurok H, Seland J
Norwegian University of Science and Technology

In recent years, Manganese Enhanced MRI (MEMRI) has been studied in myocardial and brain tissue. To increase specificity of MR, it is essential to optimize both contrast and SNR. While the contrast in MEMRI is generated by increased T1-relaxivity, little is known about the effect of T1 dispersion on the contrast in MEMRI. Our study compares the contrast generated in rat myocardium using MEMRI at two different field strengths. Results show that an increased contrast is expected when MEMRI is performed at higher field strengths.